Land Down Under

IMG_1223Australia. Land of Beauty. Land of 7 of 10 most deadly snakes in the world. Land of 20 million people. Land where the “christian church” will be non-existent by the year 2050 unless something, someone intervenes.

A small cadre of men and women are making their mark, well, the mark of Jesus going against this tide. If they have anything to say about it, that forecast of 2050 will not happen and even if it does happen, there will be still men and women who are following Jesus. Being the Body of Christ in the Land of Oz!
IMG_1218(Above – Glyn Henman (CEO of Australia Young Life), Chris Douglas and Nathan Velja – Melbourne Staff at staff gathering in Sydney)

(Below – Fudge Jordan (Aussie National Board & National Leadership Team)


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Uganda – Time with 12 friends from Uganda

IMG00096-20090905-1111We were with 12 friends from Kampala and the surrounding area to follow up on our training time in April.

Two words which describe our time would be, “movement” and “friendship”. Both Ben and I leave Kampala amazed that our Lord would allow us to be part of such a work.

Pictured: (left to right) Herbert, Joseph & Mugabe at Day 1 of Training in Kampala

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South Africa – Nathaniel and Reggie

Nathaniel & Reggie @ 6th Ave CampNathaniel, Reggie along with several of the Sisters (outside my phone camera lense) at combination Bible Study, hang out, Bible memory Verses, spelling time at the 6th Ave camp where Ben & Alicia have spent a lot of time these past 2 years!

Really fun to see the power of love. (1 John 4:8)

One more full day here. Food distribution 2morrow night at the camp, dinner with Deo Katongole and his friends Thursday night.

Off to Uganda early Friday morning.

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I amRwanda Pix (Bill's Camera) 128 grateful to have found a group of people who not only trust that God can use Africans to transform Africa but who strongly believe in an African philosophy of Ubuntu which essentially is rooted on these aspects;

Your pain is my pain,

My wealth is your wealth,

Your salvation is my salvation.

This philosophy (is our real roots), it addresses our interconnectedness, our common humanity and the responsibility to each other that flows from our own connection. Nexus Vivus has captured the gist of this philosophy well, has understood (from the development point of view) the concepts of empowerment, and captured exactly what Jesus did (he loved, came alongside, encouraged and built up leaders from within the local communities) -Deo Katongole on Lifestyle of Mission

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But let us encourage…

Rwanda Pix (Bill's Camera) 199The writer to the Hebrews maybe has something to say to we who live in a “production crazy” world. Encouragement. To walk alongside people. To be a student, a learner. To be a servant. To encourage. To choose Love over power. To choose Heart.
(Left: Ben & Alicia Eakins with 2 leaders from church in Rwanda)
“But let us encourage one another as
Rwanda Pix (Bill's Camera) 203 long as it is called today…”
I  leave Sunday on a 3 week trip to be with friends in South Africa, Uganda, Singapore and Australia. I can do without airports, airplanes, lines etc, but/and it is all worth it for the glimpses of Jesus I see in these women and men and how they form and transform me to be more like Him.
(Rt: Deo Katongole & self w/ gifts from our friends from Rwanda)

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Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the Ends of the Earth

John 14 from Ugandan copy of ScripturesActs 1:8 has become a wonderful image of communicating one way of thinking about our lives as women and men called by Christ to be ministers of the Gospel.

Simple concentric circles. All of life is ministry.

Jerusalem – Our family ministry
Judea and Samaria – Our neighborhood, schools, village, city.
Ends of the Earth – The country we live in and beyond.

Not all of us can physically “go” to the “Ends of the earth” can we? We CAN be faithful to our ministry calling in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. We CAN pray and give of our resources to the “Ends of the Earth”.

Philippians 3:20 “But our CITIZENSHIP is in heaven (not earth) and we EAGERLY await a savior from there, Jesus Christ the Lord.”

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Mongolia – A Land of Extremes

DSC06134I first had the privilege of visiting Mongolia 7 years ago. I was struck with the strength of the people. A people who have survived hard, cold winters (-40F) to warm summers (100+). A beautiful, nomadic people. Our partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ and Young Life is making a significant impact on a people who up to 1990 had no “christian” churches anywhere in the country.100’s of young people are yearly introduced to Jesus Christ through this wonderful partnership.

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